Providers - Communicate with Patients

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Resources for Communicating with Patients

Here you can find customized resources to help you communicate effectively with your patients about HPV vaccination.


Protect Adolescents through Vaccination

This short 40-second video shows parents how they can protect their children from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Let Parents Know It’s Time to Vaccinate

Let parents know it is time to vaccinate and share how you are safely separating well-child immunization visits from sick-child visits.

Playlist - Getting Adolescent Health Back on Track: Actions for Health Systems

The six short videos in this playlist give ideas for getting creative to catch up and deliver adolescent vaccinations.


HPV Vaccine - A Guide for Adults Ages 18-26 Years

Let your patients know that they should get the HPV vaccine because it can prevent some types of cancer and genital warts.

HPV Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness

HPV vaccination provides safe, effective, and long-lasting protection against cancers caused by HPV.

Additional Resources

Additional Resources for Health Professionals

See additional resources for health professionals on the HPV Roundtable website.